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Kenzi Joko: Layla's Summer 2020 Intern

Artwork above by Kenzi Joko.

Kenzi Joko is a student at the University of Utah and will be entering her third year this fall of 2020. She is working to receive her bachelor’s in strategic communications and writing & rhetoric with a minor in environment and sustainability. Along with her studies, Kenzi is a member and leader of the Panhellenic community at the University of Utah, as well as a writer for Her Campus Utah. She often volunteers at St. Joseph’s Villa and was a part of National Honor Society; Family, Career and Community Leaders of America (FCCLA); and Red Cross Youth in high school. Kenzi was born and raised in Salt Lake City and enjoys drawing and playing with her two dogs in her free time.

What does being an intern for Layla mean to you?

Being an intern for Layla means helping a cause greater than selling a product. Layla’s mission empowers women and gives them the choice to learn more about their bodies. Our current education curriculum does not allow for women to learn the complexities of our reproductive system until we start to conceive. When I was a VP in FCCLA, I learned how often females are deprived of fundamental materials for their bodies. Layla gives women the means to do more. Interning for Layla will not only allow for me to gain more knowledge about the female body, but will enable other women to as well; I hope to help them reach their goals through my skills as a strategic communicator and writer.

What career fields do you want to pursue later in life?

As I learn more about the environment and sustainability, I further realize the importance of environmental communication. After graduation, I hope to work in PR for an organization or company that has my same values of sustainability and building stronger communities.

What do you hope to gain through this experience?

In addition to more understanding of the reproductive system, I hope to strengthen my communication and writing skills. I like that Layla is fresh and new, so I can offer my creative insights and learn about what they want for their brand along with them. Hopefully, I can help Layla gain more traction in the public so they can advance their brand presence in the future.

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